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Standard Implant and Oral Surgery Procedure Pack

Packaging details:

  • 1 Box
  • 8 packsĀ per box

Code: PP070ST

£270.40 excl.VAT

2 x PA001NS Surgical Gown 60gsm Sterile AAMI Level 2
1 x SD015NS Surgical Patient Drape Impervious U-shape (180cm x 270cm) + Adhesive + Tubeholders
1 x SD019NS Mayo Stand Cover (140cm x 60cm)
1 x SD020NS Head Bar Drape with Adhesive (80cm x 100cm)
1 x SD021NS Trolley/Back Table Cover (180cm x 140cm)
4 x CC009NS Hand Towel (40cm x 40cm)
3 x CC022NS Adhesive Film Blue (20cm x 20cm)
1 x CC024NS Blue Adaptor
1 x CC023NS Fine Aspiration Handle and Tip with Control Vent (2.8mmID)
10 x CC031NS Gauze X-Ray Detectable 8ply (10cm x 10cm)
1 x CC033NS Saliva Ejector
1 x CC034NS Tubing Adaptor / Connector
1 x CC035NS Suction Tube with Connectors (3m)
2 x CC075NS Quick Drill Sleeve with Applicator (150cm x 9.5cm)